29 November 2005


I am buried in email. Seriously. Monday morning I had something like 250 messages at work after 1/2 of Wed and then the long weekend off. I am still sifting through them. Some are from internal mailing lists and are conversations...I wish Outlook would keep them as conversations like gmail does. And they keep coming in. I'm lost in a sea of email...and I will feel like I am drowning until I have emptied the damned Inbox and won't be able to do much else. I came across this special one, bitch called me CHER!  : P   At least she was polite enough to point out to me that the Ivory Coast is West Africa...seems her Dad was some muckidy-muck in the gov't there and now she needs my help to get some cash out...poor dear...
Mlle  Kadi Keita
16,Rue des jardins Cocody
les Deux-Plateaux Abidjan
    Côte D'Ivoire

Je vous prie d'emblée de m'excuser pour tous les désagréments...
...Aussi c'est avec un réel plaisir que je vous contacte depuis ABIDJAN la capitale économique de la COTE D'IVOIRE (AFRIQUE de l'Ouest) où je vis..
En fait je suis Kadi Keita,la fille legitime de monsieur Balla Keita...