29 November 2005

frost on the pointsettias (x-posted on txyankee & merrythanksgivoween)

This morning we had a first frost here in Houston, reminding us that even if the days are in the 60s and 70s, we are definitely in Autumn. It was not a hard freeze or a killer frost - just low lying gullies, and north-facing roofs - only surfaces not warmed by the sun the afternoon before. But a frost nonetheless. October, November, and most of December are great times of the year here, with nearly perfect weather. These cold mornings watching the pups running out on the bayou, with all the dew splashing up around them like water from puddles, reminds me of fall back home. On the other hand, you can put poinsettias outside here for some striking displays of color during the holidays, and they're fine unless there is frost, in which case you just put them in the garage or cover them with a sheet. Anyway, fall is here, December 1 is Thursday, and the holidays will be permitted to begin, in my mind, then. In the mean time, I need to enjoy what is left of the two weeks of Autumn.