09 November 2005

out of mourning

Last night I went outside and pulled the No Nonsense in November sticker off my truck after the polls closed and we saw that the measure had passed, defining marriage in TX as between one man and one woman: so much for I&D in TX. *sigh*. I see they had promptly pulled the site down by 9:30 PM. On the other hand, it's not like it really matters all that much: Same sex marriage or civil unions were not legal anyway. What is interesting is that apparently all civil unions are now not legal... But I wonder what the status of common-law marriage here is now, which I believe kicks in after you have co-habitated for a year... but I am not sure so don't shoot me over that statement...

Then I looked at my "No W" sticker and decided that it was time to come out of mourning and pull that one off as well. Why? It's been one year since W has been elected to a second term, so the official mourning period is over. So is the time to whinge over it. We've got him, we're stuck with him, and it's time to re-focus on doing something about taking the White House from the Republicans the next time around in 2008.