30 November 2005

a picture is worth a thousand words

Last night at Bear Dinner, I met in person somebody with whom I had chatted online in the past. I had always had it in my mind that "Bear" in the gay community implied butch/masculine, etc. Well, I had forgotten that that was not neccesarily the case... oh my, and she was in rare form. If you have ever chatted online in search of a date or something more, and then met the person live, you know how those two worlds can collide into something not pretty. I have been pretty lucky, I must say. Some of the ads/profiles just kill me, though.

Which brings me to this gem... Nothing says:

Love being with a man, and sharing fun times and life's adventures. Love animals, shopping, cooking, social gatherings, and quite romantic nights at home

Quite like a face pic with a cock of unknown ownership:

Click here for the uncensored version of lapper.