30 November 2005

two komments on this one

Headline from today's Stepford Gazette:

1. Clearly this has also fried Ms. Basnight's and her editor's brains.

2. They actually had the balls to tow vehicles with empty trailers while the owners were on the lake. Now, as a boater, this gets my jockeys in a knot, or it would if I wore any. WTF? You come back to the ramp, your vehicle and trailer are gone, what are you supposed to do, drive the boat down 59 drive and get the thing out of impound? On a Sunday, for example? It's this kind of totalitarian oligarchical approach to "administering" Stepford that makes me hate it so much and why I am moving. What they should have done is put a big orange warning sticker on the driver side window, and then towed on the second offense.

Jerks. Feh.