20 November 2005

's-no wonder

After a good but busy week in Calgary, I pretty much chilled today, doing some yard work, unpacking, etc. I tackled the errant turn-signal on G-Hopp's car, which turned into a minor electrical-engineering and duct-tape project but eventually won. On Sunday nights my thing is that I like to watch 60 Minutes; I usually have the TV on with football in the afternoon since I do actually like to watch it now and then, but I mostly listen. Anyway, as 60 Minutes loomed, waiting for the outcome of the Colts and the Bengals, the ads for the cheesy Sunday night movie came, complete with big face shots of Jason Priestly...the movie? Snow Wonder Oh Jason, how far you have fallen. I remember all the scandal when you showed your ass on 90210 and there was a two-frame glimpse of your pee-pee. C'est la vie, eh?