05 December 2005

I fear Knecht Ruprecht is coming

I was going to sit down and write out some Christmas cards this evening, on the Eve of 6 Dec., the day the St. Nikolaus comes to the little children of German-speaking countries. We always celebrated it when I was growing up and even when I was still in grad school. It's a holiday for small children and very small, token gifts. Adults don't normally do anything for it, but I cling to it as a part of the holidays and of growing up. It is, for me, the beginning of the holiday season.

This year I'm having a hard time getting into gear over Christmas, though. I am not sure why. There's been a lot on my mind, and in many ways it's been a pretty heavy year. In others is has been a really good year. Perhaps I am just grumpy right now that my truck window is still busted out and won't be fixed until Wednesday, or because year-end work stuff is on my nerves. Or maybe the coming year already weighs heavy on my shoulders, even though it will be an exciting one (more about that soon) in so many, many ways. I dunno. I certainly cannot attack that box of Christmas cards, though. At least not tonight. Perhaps after Nikolaus has come tomorrow evening, I will feel better, although I fear Knecht Ruprecht is coming for me instead.