22 December 2005

lesbians everywhere!!

Wednesday night D invited SHG and myself, along with the rest of the pink posse (who all were getting ready to leave town or were already gone), for drinks at Meteor with him and N and some of their lesbian friends. I love lesbians. I need more lesbian friends. I used to have so many close female friends, and now I have only one in close proximity in Houston, and she's headed back to NOLA soon. I have lost touch with two others in Houston, partly I think because of my ex, and partly because of things in their lives - houses, babies, engagements, etc. A New Years reso for me is to get back with my lost friends near and far.

Back to Meteor. I have only been there a few times, usually too early for there to be many people there so it seems crappy and depressing. I think it's a little too trendy for me. I used to be painfully trendy when I lived in Dallas, and for a time here in Houston. But I am realizing that over years of my early thirties I have grown out of that.

Whatever, I am rambling. Back to Meteor and drinkies. It was a BLAST! We had so much fun. No shit: I have never been in the presence of so many lesbians before. I have never been to a lesbian bar, (though I have been to the Rainbow Cattle Company in Austin on a night when they tried to pull a coup). D's lesbians are so fun and nice! We really had fun with them. I hope to meet them again and chat/hang out.

Some observations from being at Ladies' Night at Meteor (1st and 3rd Wednesday, I think we'll be going now and then, especially as it was "quiet" while we were there, wheee!!):
- You have to pull them in with free food and good drink prices. - And they eat and eat and eat. And they drink and drink.
- I wager there were about 75 women there. I saw 1 (ONE) mullet.- It seems that the distinction between lipstick and butch is that if you are butch you drink beer out of a bottle, upscale ones drink beer from green bottles, rougher types from brown bottles...if you are lipstick you have a mixed drink OR drink your beer out of a nice drink glass (!).
- Wow, everybody was dressed quite nice. I commented about the single mullet, how nicely everybody was dressed, and what great shoes they all wore to SHG, and how it seemed to be contrary to the lesbian flannel shirt and U-Haul stereo-type... his reply was "well, for those that go out". OK, fine, touché.