27 December 2005

my trip back to TX

I had a very interesting trip back to TX. It started off with being reminded of the new "culture" of the community lighter in the smoker's area outside of departure terminals. Since mid-year 2005, lighters are not allowed beyond the security check points and on aircraft. So what has cropped up is the "community lighter" culture. You leave your lighter behind outside at the smoking corner before you go inside for the next person who comes by who has had theirs taken away or who has left theirs behind:

When I left my folks' house I had a really bad headache, and so my Dad gave me four Tylenol - two for then, and two for later in case I still had a headache. I took two. On the plane, I got a beer as soon as I boarded, since I was lucky enough to get bumped to first class. I still had the headache. So I took the other two Tylenol. At least, I thought they were Tylenol. Once we were airborne and I had another beer, I realized they were not regular Tylenol, but Tylenol-3 (the ones with codeine and caffeine), which my Mom takes for her recovering-from-surgery shoulder. So, I was flying-high & wide-awake. Whee! So I read and listened to music and played on my computer.

The guy next to me had been flying for hours, from Tel Aviv. Very talkative. As in, would not shut up even with me working on my laptop... and was reading over my shoulder. So I stopped that. But even when reading with my iPod going it took a while for him to be quiet. Grrr.

After a while, when all was dark, I realized the guy across the aisle from me was masturbating under his blanket...ok, fine... but was eyeing me and trying to, err, share. Great. Whatever it takes to join the mile-high club, buddy. I won't get into the details, use your imagination.

We landed OK, etc etc. Got home to my pups!!! and Kitties!!! YAY! I missed them all SO much! Then I found that the cats have been chewing on the Christmas tree bulbs... what's up with that???

It's good to be home. I missed it. Cannot wait to see SHG tomorrow night.