28 December 2005

why whine when you can bitch?

I went to the dentist again today. It was nearly as much fun as the last time, only I am on more pain killers and in more pain this time.

Segue: I paid my property taxes today, which is like pulling teeth. After writing that $4300 +/- check (well, multiple checks to multiple robber barons) I am broke. Now, the tax rate is not all that high - 3.19%, and we get a homestead exemption on a portion of the taxes, and we have no state income tax (our sales tax is about 2 - 3 percentage points higher than many other states, but then again lower than some as well). I don't mind paying my fair share of taxes. I have a couple of gay friends who bitch about paying taxes into the school district when they do not have kids; it's a similar argument to what some retired people make. We all have a responsibility to educate our children, yet perhaps those of us without any should bear a lighter financial load and those with more than the national average number of children should pay a little more. That should get some guys to just pull out.

Segue: Why does one write the check to a person? For example, for Harris County it went to Paul Bettencourt - Tax Assessor-Collector. Why not just Harris County Appraisal District or some such?