03 December 2005

not a good day

Friday was a pretty crummy day. I was supposed to be on vacation and wound up managing two crises at work that came up at the same time, so it was 1/2 day only... the kind of stuff that just makes you spitting mad and gives you a splitting headache.

Then on my way down to SHG's house to then go to friend's place for dinner and hanging out I stopped at the pharmacy to drop off a prescription. What a mistake that was. The woman in front of me launched into something about meds by mail and UPS, and Thanksgiving and how they drove all the way to Tyler and were not home and then there were phone calls to the insurance and then UPS came but she was at work and her husband called the insurance and they were being unreasonable and on and on and on, and that the pharmacy should fix it or something, I dunno, I got lost in it. All over something that costs $36.00 for a month's supply. I gave up and left.

Then there was the massive traffic clusterfuck on the way into town: somebody on foot got hit by a bus in the HOV lane (which is single lane down the middle of the freeway). Now that takes talent.

Dinner was excellent. Then we played the game Scene It, based on movies and related trivia, which though fun is not exactly my forte. Then, we were gonna all go off to the Ripcord for a few beers, and came out to this...

nothing like that sinking feeling...

Fortunately they did not take anything. So, a few calls to the insurance etc., will cope with it tomorrow. What's interesting is that our host had said to not leave any valuable out in plain view (not exactly a bad neighborhood, though). After this happened, he commented that this kind of thing has been happening a lot ever since Hurricane Katrina (recall that we still have 35,000 refugees in hotels here in Houston). I wonder if this is really true, or white fright. Or both.