03 December 2005

Ford loses backbone, or at least shows that it did not have one anyway

So. Ford has announced that it will stop advertising its Jaguar and Land Rover brands in gay publications. But they insist it was strictly a business decision. They did not advertise Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands in gay publications. They will still advertise Volvo.

Sure, it's a business decision. They are scared shitless of the American Family Association. Regardless of the fact that Ford has long made efforts on GLBT
workplace diversity and support gay rights causes, they have decided not to piss off the people who openly spread intolerance and hatred.

The gay and lesbian community really shops with their conscience. I am not sure how much the demographic that the AFA thinks it is reaching does. And why will Ford continue to advertise Volvo in
gay publications? Won't that piss off the AFA? Or does the AFA think that nobody cares where Volvo is advertised? It's still a Ford brand, so WTF? It makes no sense.

I really like my Land Rover. I generally cannot stand other Ford products, including new Volvos and Jaguars. And new Land Rovers are increasingly more bling-bling and suburbanite, though they retain their off-road prowess. So, combined with today's news, I will have to think really hard about buying another one.