31 December 2005

out with the old

I am really glad to be rid of 2005. What a year. I am happy it's over. I know that one should not rejoice over the passing of time, but the first four months of 2005 really put me through the grinder and left me generally grumpy, incompetent, and damaged for the rest of the year. The run-up to the break-up with the ex, the break-up, and lingering debris from that really overshadowed the year. Challenges at work really dragged me down, too. My good good friend J moved away early in the year, which bummed me out, but he is so much better off now. SHG, G-Hopp, R & I provided me with so much support during the tough early months and now during these closing months.

But the year was not all doom and darkness! I have spent lots of time with G-Hopp as she hangs in Houston waiting to return to NOLA. I was able to provide support to R & I during some tough times, which I am glad to do. And most importantly, I met SHG, who brightens my life so much.

So all in all, goodbye 2005, and good riddance.