28 December 2005

The Pope Wears Prada

OK, I may be a bit behind the curve on this one, but did you know that the Pope (the new one) wears Prada shoes? I didn't. It almost makes me want to start a whole new blog to monitor his shoes, but not really.

...his penchant for designer wear and a move to ditch the papal tailors who have dressed popes for more than 200 years are causing new wrinkles in the Vatican. Benedict has favored his tailor from his days as cardinal, Alessandro Cattaneo, and the 20-year-old religious-fashion house of Raniero Mancinelli, which has provided the pope with dazzling new vestments (some with shimmering, sequinlike details). At risk of losing the papal-dress contract are the Annibale Gammarelli tailors, who have made papal wear since 1792. But they blundered when Benedict had to make his debut blessing in a cassock that was too short, ending just above his ankles. Subsequent celebratory vestments made by Gammarelli are reported to have made the pope uncomfortable. The Vatican won't comment on papal attire, and Gammarelli denies it is getting the a Now, the Pope is an important man (if antiquated), and he's gotta be comfy.

On the other hand, perhaps I can monitor his cloak thingies. Hmm.. need to chew on this one... PSP, help????