04 December 2005

quickie trip to dallas in a man-skirt

This weekend I went up to Dallas with SHG for a Christmas party where I was thinner than all the woman (well, except for the one from L.A., but she does not count) and wore less makeup than the men. It was a very Dallas crowd but friendly - Dallas is often somewhat superficial, the joke being that as you meet somebody and shake their hand they reach back behind you and look at the tag on your shirt, making sure you're acceptably fashionable. Obviously it's not really like that. But there was lots of big hair and trowelled-on foundation and paintbrushed-lash thickener on the ladies... one young lady with a very fair complexion was wearing a greenish foundation - something I had not seen since grad school, where one of my fellow students with a dark complexion always looked pretty greenish.

I wore my kilt with a dark blue dress shirt, tucked in, it looked really nice. Usually when I wear it I get a couple of questions here and there about it, maybe an "are you Scottish?" here and there, along with a few "is it true what they say about what's under the kilt?" Well, this time I got a couple of "Are you Scottish?", but then a stream of "Why are you wearing a skirt? Where do you buy a man-skirt? Nice Dress.", to the point where it got really fucking irritating. Pretty surprising, how narrow a lot of these people are. Somebody actually asked if they have them at Nordstrom. *sigh*

Anyway, it was a great party otherwise. We met several interesting people, had some good conversations. Lots of good, good food, including a chocolate fountain, and plenty of good drinks. In fact it was catered and they had a bar tender, but there could not have been more than 50 people there at the highpoint. Our hosts really did a nice job with it, and it was great to get out of town for a bit, even if it was only 24 hours.