14 December 2005

white shoes after labor day

SHG and I went to several Christmas parties this past weekend. OK, OK, one was a "Holiday Party", but it is also a professional organization with lots of different kinds of people from different walks of life. Anyway, they were all good and fun, met some new people, some good friends, generally had a good time. I was mental-case wiped-out Sunday night from standing and talking all weekend.

At one, we had to wear nametags. Huh? I guess in the end it was a good idea. At this same party, there was this character. Guy about my age, gay, shorter than me, heavier, gynecologist, from Longue Iaylandeh. This one just worked every last nerve in my body. First comment to me when meeting was "Did you know that there is a character in the Sound of Music with your name?" Trust me honey, I know better than anybody here. Second "You have not seen Autie Mame? Oh, well then you're not gay, I mean come on, how can you not have seen it?" Uh, I dunno. Anyway, it went on and on. He's a caricature of himself - he was wearing a pink blazer and new new new white sneakers. WHITE FOOTWEAR after Labor Day?? I nearly passed out from the potential for scandal (Lord knows there was not any other).

But, I have to give him credit: He has the balls to be himself. He has the balls to dress unconventionally. And I think he rubbed me the wrong way because he's a lot like me in many ways, and people who are like me in certain ways annoy me to no end. On the other hand, sometimes they become really good friends.