14 December 2005

why i do not like larry the cable guy

I cannot stand Larry the Cable Guy (LGC). He drives me nuts. M passed something [ Thursday, December 01, 2005, An Open Letter To Larry The Cable Guy] my way, and SHG made a comment on it as well. As M said, don't worry about who David Cross is, just read the whole thing.

He puts his finger pretty much on it by observing that LCG feeds off of the anti-intellectual pride of his audience. The feeding off it is bad enough, but the anti-intellectual pride itself is actually what really pushes my buttons. His humor is not only stupid but also feeds off the discontent and fears of many many Americans by endorsing torture, saying that Christianity is pretty much banned in this country, and wrapping it all up in a potty-humor package.

Ugh. Maybe America will wake up and he'll go away.