22 February 2006

busy little beavers

Well, SHG and I have been super busy over the last few days: He with some work and much Paris-ing , me with work. It's working out pretty well, though. We hang in the AM for a bit, and meet up at home in the evening. Tonight I will drive (!) into the city from the office and we will do... something. I dunno what. I'm sure we can find something to do this evening in Paris, even if it is a Wednesday night.   : )
Work's OK, but I really am up to my balls in it. I am just barely keeping my head above water, basically going from crisis to crisis, deadline to deadline. Looks now like I will not be back in the U.S. until early April. That sucks. Not a whole lot of consideration for one's personal life going on around here. Feh. But, I digress...
I really miss my dogs and my kitties. Kitties are doing fine, spoke with the sitter last night. It's great having SHG here. I will really miss him when he heads back across the pond.