24 February 2006

speed rabbit roulette

SHG and I are hunkering down tonight, staying in after a rough week of working hard, exploring Paris, and sleeping in a bed that is just a touch too small for two grown men. Anyway, we don't feel like cooking etc. So we decided to order Pizza.

Fortunately, we saw Speed Rabbit Pizza out on Rue Yvan Tourgeneff, so we had somewhere to start. Phew. There was then 40 minutes of research: The menu, some phrases like "do you take a 50 Euro bill?", "second building up the hill", etc. Then I dialed. Oh my.

First, quelle votre telefone numbre? Oh fuck, I hate numbers. Then it went pretty well, until we got to the "that's all" part. I suddenly had ordered three pizzas. I crossed my fingers that we only got one. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Then, pizza arrives FAST. SPEED RABBIT! But, cute French pizza dude has no money on him. NONE. I guess I did not catch the "exact change" part after I asked about the 50 Euro bill. Whoops! So he gives me the pizza, and goes off to get change at the store and bring it back (leaving me with my 50 Euro bill until he returns!). He came back, all was well, gave him a non-traditional tip.

So now we are eating pizza, watching MTV and momentarily South Park in German, in France. Pizza good. Even in France.