04 February 2006

this cartoon thing is getting bigger

Well, seems the cartoons of Muhammad continue to stir the Muslim world into a tempest:

"We will not accept less than severing the heads of those responsible," one preacher at Al Omari mosque in Gaza told worshipers during Friday Prayer, according to Reuters. Other demonstrators called for amputating the hands of the cartoonists who drew the pictures.

As of this morning and as far as I know, no US papers have published the material... Out of respect? Fear? Both? Or maybe calculation that it's not the cartoons themselves at this point that matter. CNN apparently showed them in highly pixelated form, and the gov't has "condemned" the cartoons. (How the fuck do you condemn a cartoon? Note that I heard that on BBC World Briefing yesterday and cannot find anything to link to with he word "condemned" in it, all I find is "find offensive". ) At least they also stand firm on freedom of expression.

Would the gov't here now condemn a similar cartoon of Christ nudging an abortion clinic bomber or gay bar shooter to "go ahead, it'll all be OK at the Pearly Gates"?