25 March 2006

off to warmth!

Well, I'm packed and fighting with my work laptop to back my files up before I head off the Middle East tomorrow AM. Light blogging forecasted and likely due to 1. uncertain Internet access (and my work laptop's modem does not work, and I sure as Hell am not bringing mine with me...), and 2. just being busy.

I really like the Middle East, and am looking forward to this trip. As usual there is all the last-minute crap associated with leaving town for more than a few days, and I feel like I have forgotten to pack something. Maybe it is because I am so efficient with packing after all the traveling I have done that I wind up feeling like I have forgotten to do something...

I'm excited to be going somewhere warm! Forecast: 80 and sun, every day. Yay! And then home to Houston after a couple days back in Paris in less than two weeks. Wheee!

Anyway, more when possible. 'till then, a map of where I'm headed: