22 April 2006

i need a big iPod

One of my favorite things to do is to get totally inebriated and listen to music. This used to consist of sitting on the floor surrounded by cassettes and popping them in and out, with long periods of no-music while looking for a specific song - hence my habit, like most people, of making "mix tapes". Then came CDs, and the ritual morphed into sitting in the corner between the CD rack and the stereo. I never really made mix CDs except for in the car (once I got a burner for the stereo, then one on my computer), so I got into listening to albums as a whole.

About 9 months ago, bright light here decided to burn all his CDs to the computer into iTunes and archive the discs. And I did. And then I got a little iPod mini that holds what at first seemed like enough music to tote into the living room and play on the good stereo. In France, I have my library on the computer and have decent speakers for it, but driving off my laptop is not the same. But, it's temporary.

Well, last night, I attempted to do my little listen-to-tunes ritual using the laptop and the really good speakers I have here. I picked some songs and leaned back in my big office chair in my den. It worked for a while, but it is not the same as the big stereo and quadraphonic sound (OK, surround, not quadraphonic). I longed for my CD rack. I did not have the energy to haul out the binders and binders of CDs. I decided that I need an iPod. A big one. I have been moaning about it for a few weeks because I am tired of managing playlists on my little one and am slightly bitchy about the tunage state in France. But last night was it. I need an iPod.

OK, I want a big iPod. I need to simplify my life and slow down, else I will have a heart attack before I am 40. But I want an iPod.