22 April 2006

nothing in particular

So, it's been light posting for as of late - I have been thoroughly occupied and then on vacation and pretty busy while at it. Right when I got home I was not-quite deathly ill from exhaustion and so I slept for a couple of days before going at it again at the AAPG Convention here in town, where we were an exhibitor... I have a love-hate relationship with tradeshows: They are very important to our business but a total fucking whip. Since then I have been on vacation working on the house, spending time with SHG, sleeping, and still doing work for work. I would like to get the house on the market again before I leave for France in a week, but I am not sure that is going to happen - there's still a lot to do and only so many hours in a day.

Last weekend I and his brother in law T came over to help me with doing some ghastly ripping and tearing at the house to find a leak in the guest bathroom. Here's I being all butch ripping and tearing:

It turns out it was a bizarre leak: water was coming in from the top of the tub overflow! In other words, if you turned around in the shower and splashed water on that wall, it ran down into the tub past that overflow and leaked in through it's naked un-caulked-ness. So we fixed that and cut the new wood for outside, closed it up. Two days later I tested the newly-cured caulk and it held! Yay! Here it is all sealed-up and painted! We were all so butch! OK, not really.

My truck began to act up on the way into Houston Sunday, feh. It felt like the computer. So, of it went to the dealer, and they gave me an LR3 loaner! Sweet! Until I realized I was sitting in something designed by the same guy who did the Ford F150 (surprise surprise, LR is owned by Ford, but c'mon guys...it's disappointing that LR is losing it's heritage).

Land Rover LR3

Anyway, it sure drove nice but I like my boxy English cottage better. So, I hauled out the Triumph for a few days:

Truck's fixed now, and I took the pups to meet the ex half-way to Austin in Brenham. That was not as rough as last time, I know they are in good hands. Still, very sad to see them go. But, Paris calls soon, after Calgary next week.

Today, a birthday party! For me!! My friends, 36 Candles, my kilt, and a possible excursion out the bars! Wheee!

I wonder what is in that little box SHG worked so hard to wrap??