13 June 2006

random crap

Hi Dear Readers!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. Yet. Just been absorbed with work and sleep. SHG went home a few days ago, and so there's not much else to do. Of course, while he was here I did not post either. Had a great dinner with my good good friend G the other night, though.

Anyway, some random thoughts. First, somebody neglected to tell me that Tropical Storm Alberto exists, let alone that it is now moving inland, and there were hurricane watches for the FL coast. Oops. I guess it is time to peek out from my isolation bubble.

Second, who the Hell is M. Night Shyamalan, and why is he plastered on the home page of Amazon.com as if he's all that, e.g. Shakira slutting out to promote her latest album?

Third, here's a cool picture sml took while he, SHG, and I were in Amsterdam. You have to click for the larger version to get the full effect. Priceless!!

Speaking of fashion, 4. Is it me or are women's open-toed shoes making a comeback?

Fifth, I am done with my French lessons! Yay! My teacher who hated me is out of my life! No more making fun of me because I say things like "I need a bottle opener to open my bottle of orange juice" [In France, we unscrew the juice top. Yeah? Well, I don't fucking care, I was trying to get the grammar correct, and was tired of saying bier.] I also no longer have her, ummm, fashion, inflicted on me. On the last day of class, she wore a jackety thing with 17 zippers (yes, I counted them). My friend Stephane here and the rest of the folks at work now help me with my French.

Sixth, it's hot here. HOT. HOT. Now, compared to Houston, No, not hot and not humid. But, the sun is stronger in effect, and there is no a/c in our office, let alone on public transport or in apartments and homes. (But my Twingo does!!) So with yesterday and today pushing 90, it got toasty. I cannot work when the sun is beating into my office at 2 PM and it's got to be 85 or more in there. Ugh. No wonder all those old people died a few years ago, I bet they were on the sunny-side of the nursing homes.

7. Did you know that on Pentecost, a day that used to be a full-on public holiday here, salaried workers work now, and their social-security etc. is not credited to their own "accounts" but rather it goes for buying a/c units and similar efforts to alleviate #6 above? I think that's a good idea, pretty interesting. OK, I probably have some of the details wrong, please let my French teacher know.

I have decided that I am officially the Bitter Queen Scrooge of Pride Season this year, by the way. I wish I could say "Just call me Paul Lynde", but my wit is nowhere near his (hers?).

Oh, and gay marriage (again), immigration (no, a wall is not feasible, logical, or sensible), and cable TV ala carte are all diversions from the WAR WAR WAR.

Finally, I am going back to Houston tomorrow for a couple of weeks! Yay! Kitties! Puppies! SHG! Friends! This Friday I will see my good friends A&V in San Antonio after some work stuff, and see all the little ones! Yay!