31 July 2006


June 30: House in Stepford goes on the market. Again. Never sold last year after 3 months and 9 showings.
Saturday (last): Fly from Paris
Sunday (last): House on market 23 days, 24 showings. Receive two offers first thing in the morning. Minor bidding war ensues.
Monday (last): Sign contract at 5 PM. Option period (10 days) begins. House to be closed on on 18 August (!) while I am in Paris (!).
Tuesday: Hell day at work.
Wednesday: Move cats to SHG's during a monsoon. Not pretty. Hell day at work.
Thursday: Inspections performed. More Hell day at work.
Friday: Movers come and pack it all.
Saturday: SHG and I do a bunch of house stuff.
Sunday: Movers put it all into storage.
Today: SML helps me do final cleaning of house.
Tomorrow (2 August): Leave for France.
Wednesday: Option period ends.
Friday 18 August: Closing and I am free. Keep fingers crossed!
Sunday 20 August: Return from France, for good (!), and begin looking for a new house!