03 August 2006

show your "pride" with ueber-ugly footwear

OK. Birkenstocks and the craze around them in the late '80s and early '90s were OK: They may be ugly, but they are comfy and well-engineered and orthopedic. And German. Made of leather. Some not so ugly. I still maintain, however, no socks allowed!
These damned things, however, are fucking hideous. I hate them. I understand that folks like nurses and chefs wear them because they are on their feet all day, wash-off easily, etc. Fine. It's not like they are wandering outside the kitchen or hospital. My webpage is so, well, not ugly, that I am not even going to foul it with a picture of them. Some people hang in the garden or wear them around the house. Fine.
Then there are other people who wear them out in public. To the grocery store. Out to eat. Taking the kids to school. Some even force their children to wear them, poor helpless creatures! These people should be sterilized in order to remove them from the gene pool. Fortunately, there is a website to stop the insanity. (thanks to SHG for the link)
And now, they make a pair of bright yellow ones, to "show your pride". Now that is really insane. Is it for Lance "The French are assholes oops our guy tested positive too and I left my wife and kids after surviving cancer and then left Sheryl Crowe hah on her she has cancer now" "Livestrong" "Yellow-fucking-bracelet" Armstrong? Or is it to support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Want to support the troops? Send a soldier a letter. Or a care package. Want to support cancer research? Give to the American Cancer Society.