13 July 2006

size matters

There are several things about my apartment here in France that I will not miss. Some are inherent to it in that it is French, take the hand-held shower head thingy, lack of clothes dryer, or the "climate control" for example. Others are things that just suck, like the shitty IKEA Sultan bed that collapses, the lack of hot water in the kitchen, or the *$#&*(@#$& washing machine.
It is one of these fancy front-load high-efficiency deals, and apparently stopped functioning about a month ago when SHG was here. He was bewildered, as was I, as to why it refused to spin the clothes to a damp state, but instead left them dripping, and I mean dripping wet. Normally it spins, fast, between 500-850 RPM depending on the cycle.
It has been driving me nuts, especially because I got it to work once, though my clothes were still very wet and "dried" on the rack to a nice crunchy state. Damned thing.
Tonight, I lost my patience, or my estrogen kicked in. Or both.
I read the manual.
It turns out that it won't spin if the wet weight of the clothes is, errr, more than 5 kg. So I am looking in through the window and I see, errr, jeans, T-shirts, bath towel... Oooops. So I took half of it out and voila, it works!
Geee, a little "too fucking heavy, take some shit out you dumb American" light would be nice. Give me my top-load Kenmore that just jumps around when it is too heavy and makes such a racket you can hear it all around the house any day, thank you very much.