12 July 2006

sleep, glorious sleep

Well, I managed to sleep last night. Thankfully. I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home from work. Here in France the pharmacist can give you something without a prescription, so I got something fairly gentle but potent to help me sleep. I managed to sleep for about 14 hours. Hopefully I will get a normal night's sleep tonight. Of course, I will hopefully not lie in bed worrying about not sleeping. Anyway, sleep good. Sleep critical. txyankee is no good without sleep.
Blogging's been light, well nonexistent, lately. This weekend is a long weekend here in France, for Bastille Day on Friday. I would like to see the festivities for their national holiday, an equivalent to our July 4th, but with losing the World Cup I think it will be less festive than normal. I am off to Germany anyway to see family, so light blogging ahead.