20 August 2006

T -0

Well, it is nearly time to go to the airport. I am glad to be going home, but sad to leave Paris (not Bougival and my apartment, though!). I love Paris, it is a wonderful city, I could live here permanently (well, for a few years). I had a great time here, and learned a lot about my company, France, but most importantly the people. I never had any problem being an American here, the people were generally very nice, no more crankiness than Americans exhibit really. The French people are good folks, and do not hate us, they just don't like our government (well, neither do I). But I will be back here for business trips and such soon enough. I will miss my good friend S, below shown with SHG!

(OK, a little blurry, I was a little drunk!)

We spent yesterday afternoon shopping at BHV for French culinary trinkets, then had a nice dinner of duck, duck, and more duck, with lots of wine. Then a last couple of beers at the Bear's Den.

So, all ready to go! (Looks like Catherine Deneuve readying for a transatlantic voyage!)