06 October 2006

The one-balled wonder strikes again

You may recall that I just cannot stand Lance-fucking-Armstrong and most all things connected to him, including Subarus and the "Livestrong" rubber bracelets that spawned a national trend second only to Crocks in its annoyance factor.

Well, now he is really aggravating his neighbors outside of Austin at his ranch. The ranch has shared access to a beautiful [sinkhole] swimming hole that is probably partially sourced from a spring. Well, dickhead went and damned the creek upstream without permits or environmental impact work (even though he states oh-so-ardently that "I care about the planet, period". Well, that led to severe sedimentation into the swimming hole/pool and now it is all chocked with algae. Fine, you care about the planet. Start with your backyard asshole. And so you drive a hybrid: we all know you do that because it is fashionable to do so in Austin.

He's such a hypocrite. He conquers cancer with the help of his family and then ditches them for Sheryl Crowe. Then he ditches her and won't give her the time of day now that she has cancer. Probably because, as he says, he is "busy, especially with his nonprofit foundation that assists cancer patients around the world." Oh, and the ranch is "only one of his homes."

Poor baby. Get some balls and work harder to fix what you have made a mess of. Oh wait, you only have one. That must be it.