26 October 2006

ooooo the nuts are going to have a field day

While cruising my favorite place to catch up on local issues and occasionally drive my blood pressure up, I came across this quoting a local/national story that the bones of Lucy, the first and perhaps oldest hominin skeleton discovered (in 1974) is coming to Houston (along with NY, Washington, Chicago, Denver). The reason that it is a big deal is that the bones have never been displayed outside of Ethiopia, where they were found. Indeed, they are rarely on display there either. I definitely will go to the exhibit.

But what I really cannot wait for is the reaction of the "fundementalist" Christians: Evolution does not exist, blasphemy, blah blah blah. Wheee! Just wait for for Osteen and his damned Lakewood "weekly entertainment and brainwashing that God wants you to have lots of money" Church. If Dallas is the buckle of the Bible Belt, then Houston is the low hanging balls. I bet we see "Boycott Lucy!!" bumper stickers. Should be interesting.

Let me remind you: Evolution is not a theory, it is a scientific fact. There are many theories as to the driving force(s) behind it. And the Holy See issued a statement or whatever they call it that "Evolution is not in conflict with the Bible or the teachings of the Catholic Church" some years ago.