26 October 2006

My Autumn Vacation

What's a boy to do when the to-do list at work just gets so long it would take weeks to catch up and the new boss works in a mode where everything is an emergency? Why, quit of course! So I did.

OK, a little more seriously, I decided it was time to move on from my company. It was time to go seek greener and different pastures elsewhere. I needed a step away from the sales and marketing gig and some new scenery. Let's just leave it at that.

So last Tuesday I dropped the bomb and it did not go over all that well, but that's not unexpected in a small remote office from the mother company. My last day was Friday. So now I am on a three week vacation. Yay! The new job is in (software) product management at an, errr, really big company, still in the oil industry. It's a great opportunity and will present lots of new intellectual challenges. My new boss has gutted the group and reassembled and all new one. She has already sent her newly assembled team homework! Oh my!!

So what have I been up to? Got trashed and had a good night out Friday tearing up with my friends and SHG.. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday asleep. Been to see a few houses, going for longer today I think. Went to the annual Montrose Beer and Gun Club charity deal, which was a lot of fun. Wow, what a cast of characters over there. More of a "biker" and tattoo crowd but no really scary people. More like a segment of the Houston non-conformist community. However, I spotted two pairs of Crocs and lost all respect for those people. Which reminds me, while out and about the other day with SHG, we saw this:

[there is supposed to be a picture here, but Blogger is being her bitchy self today]

It would seem that some poor child managed to successfully separate the pair of Crocs imposed on her by her parents. Free your feet! Ditch the Crocs!

Being doing some catching up on paperwork and all that, running errands, etc. Waiting for my bicycle to come back from overhaul so I can enjoy the Fall weather (although today it is gushing rain). Speaking of water, went yesterday to look at new boats. Right now I have a Four Winns, it is a runabout, kind of the Buick of boats. I went to go look at Ski Nautiques, the Ferrari of small boats (small as in <25'). I test drove one, and HOLY FUCK did that son of a bitch FLY! And it turns like a bat out of Hell! I did a manuever that I did by accident in my current boat, which could have lead to me flipping the old boat. The one I was driving was like a steel blade in the water. Really impressive. Want.

But first, HOUSE.

In the last 7 days I have essentially watched all of the new Battlestar Gallactica, which SHG has on DVD and DVR. Wow, I am addicted. It's great. Excellent story, special effects, the whole thing. I love it. I now have to watch it every week, effectively doubling my TV load by adding it to 60 Minutes.

Been doing the diet thing for about three weeks and have lost 10 pounds, yay! Last night I made roladen for SHG. I know how to make it from watching folks do it hundreds of times, but have never actually made it myself. It came out really well. Basically, it is a meat wrap: wrap mustard, onions, and bacon in a piece of piece cut like veal scallopini. Some people stick a pickle in there (ick!!). Sear. Cook. Serve with 'tatoes and red cabbage. Yummmmm!

I might go up North to see my folks, I am not sure yet. Might go on a trip somewhere far away to collect my thoughts and chill, not sure yet.

Well, time to do a few things, but mostly enjoy my unstructured time.