30 October 2006

What happened to Katie Couric?

When I was in graduate school, I would have the TV tuned into the Today Show when I was getting ready to head in to school every morning. Back then, 1992-1997, Katie was such a happy, cheery little thing.

She made strides in her career and for woman jouralists by having many interviews with prominent national and international figures. But basically, she was fun.

Happy Katie!

With time she became more refined and respected as a journalist, but even after she had been on Today for 10+ years, she was still congenial.

Smiling Katie!

But now with her new gig at CBS, she's become so hard and cold, and really not very likeable. I mean, it's not like she needed to become Dan Rather.

Severe Katie.

I think she has been sleeping with Andy Rooney.