29 October 2006


As you know, I have been shopping for a house for a while now - actually for over two months. Thursday I passed the 75 mark. As in, the number of houses I have seen exceeded 75. I am getting kind of tired of it. In addition to looking in the Heights, we looked in Montrose that day. Wow, your dollar certainly does not buy as much down there. One house was really creepy to me - bad JuJu. I felt so isolated and alone inside of it. Bizarre. Another one had a derelict house next door to it, stickers from the city on the front door etc. It was in really crap shape. When we were in the back yard, we saw why: It had burned. So sad. The smell lingered in my nose for almost 12 hours, it sucked. Why aren't there any poppers around when you need them?

Most of the houses I have been looking at were built between 1910 and 1930, so when they have original or restored fixtures, they are are referred to as "period", "historically correct", or "original". After looking at lot of houses, we started quipping about kitchens that had not been updated in 30 years as "period", etc. Just like "needs cosmetic updates" once meant "needs a floor" and "delightfully updated" meant shitty sisal carpeting and a seriously cheap-assed kitchen in a small $300K house.

This morning, my little email alert came to let me know that a new house had come onto the market. Well, seeing the build year of 1968 and the first picture showing it to be a ranch home (which I cannot stand), it was dead. But I looked at the pictures anyway, just to see what $220K would buy in this case. And then I came upon this one:

A period bathroom. From 1968. Pink and grey tile. I don't think so. I resent something that was built within 2 years of my existence is referred to as "period". Period.