21 January 2007

a perfect day

The weather here has been really shitty lately and sucking big time. I realized only today that it has been approximately forever since we saw the sun - I was walking around the house noticing that it was bright enough to not have any lamps on. Then I sat on the front porch in the nice 60 degree air with the sun on my face and got a mini bout of Spring Fever.

Silly for South Texas, huh?

I went around and uncovered all my plants that were being protected from ICE 2007, the biggest weather non-event we've had here in a while. The Spring Fever got worse. Anyway, I called SHG and off we took the dogs to Galveston. I find the water, whether it is a lake or the ocean, calming. And the dogs needed to run. I had a lot of work to do, but I think the mental-health afternoon was important.

Here he is trying to untangle them.

Me 'n pups.

Me 'n Satchel being pensive.

Bucky was too busy thinking about eating all the small wiener-dogs that were out this afternoon to be pensive.