04 March 2007

i've been a lazy monkey

Well, I clearly have blown my New Year's resolution to keep up with my blog. Whoops.

Work is good, I really like the new job. The first month was rough, the second rougher but better, the third good. I have gotten hang of it. I am still getting used to the basically constant state of panic that seems to dominate IT. Dogs and kitties are good, Frak is enjoying living over at SHG.

I have been working so much and then just crashing out at home that I don't feel like sitting in front of the computer - I only read SHG's blog a bit, and the one on the Chronicle never. I'm over Joe My God. BlogHouston has become so pedestrian and limited to a small ring of bitters that I gave up on them too. I have to say that I still hit Princess Sparkle Pony regularly, though.

Anyway, I finally downloaded a bunch of pictures from my phone, so I think they make good fodder for getting back into this. I don't remember where half of them came from or why I took them.