08 June 2007

Blogging in the sunset

So, it's been a long week. Lots of meetings with customers and not a whole lot of sleep. This whole deal of only a few hours of darkness b/c of being so far north is really messing with me. It did not used to, but as I get older my body just does adjust all that well to sudden changes in time, sleep, etc. *sigh*

I am sitting on the harbor having a beer having escaped customers and colleagues for a night. The sunset is really nice, although the sun will be back in a few short hours. I am looking forward to being home in a few days. I will have to go fetch the puppies from Austin, but it will be nice to go for a little road trip.

Missing my 15th college reunion this weekend. I wish I could have made it, but at a certain level I am glad I will not. I am not sure I could handle it - this is the first one since Matthew died. C and L, and maybe A will be in Houston in a few weeks, so we'll have a little reunion of our own.