10 June 2007

Quickie in amsterdam

So, a quick post from amsterdam, during my stop here. The weather is dutch grey, but I do not care b/c I am going home! Yay! And tonight the puppies come home too!

L and C will be in Houston in a couple of weeks, and maybe A too, so we will have our own mini reunion. And it will be during Pride, so C will be getting a good dose of gayness to reinforce his republicanness. :)

And on a funny note. While waiting for my colleagues to deplane wheb we got here to Amsterdam, a voice asks me, kinda close indside my personal space, where I am from in a clean american english. I literally jumped out of my skin! It was the guy who was sitting in front of of me, who had set my gaydar off. But being on a work trip, about to be with coworkers (and I am not out at work) I was mortified, stuttering 'uh er uh Houston.' He either realized what had done and felt bad, or decided I was a freak when he just answered 'Denver' when I politely asked where he was from. Then he saw somebody he knew went off to give/Get the universal gay hug, me thus escaping furher mortification.

It's still nice to get hit on, though.