04 August 2007

Example of poor usability

So, I was managing my folks' internet and phone stuff this morning and was using the Embarq website.

What a whip.

First, my first pet peeve: When you log in, you enter your username, hit tab, enter password, and then instinctively hit "Enter". And the machine bongs at you. Why is it so difficult for so many websites to get this right? I guess it's easier to then grab the mouse and click "login". Derrrrrr.

Second, take a look at the drop down menu below for selecting the billing period to review:

It is not in order!! How numb is that? Duh duh duh duh duh duh on YOU EMBARQ.

Now, to their credit they were very nice and helpful on chat when I was trying to get my folks' voicemail disabled (it confuses them, they like the answering machine that clicks and such), except for trying to get me to buy a Dish Network Package.