04 August 2007

I hate my digital camera

I have always loved to take pictures. I am not really very good at it, but I enjoy it, and have been blessed with good SLRs and lenses. When I was in college in 1990 I had to graduate from a vintage 1985 Ricoh 35 mm point-n-shoot (which still works!!) to an SLR, so my friend taught me how to use the one my dad handed-down to me (a beautiful 1969, Hong Kong-purchased, Minolta SRT-101 with a gaping Minolta Rokkor 1:1.2 lens, which I still have and works wondefully). Here is an example of bracketing we did, Matt of course being the doleful subject he always was:

Here is one I took at the top of South Mountain with him on a Geology field trip, he had said "just stop fiddling and take a picture, it won't bite you".:

And here is one I took when we were getting ready to head out on the town, for an, errrr, festive occasion around 2001:

In grad school I needed something I had to think less about, just focus, so I bought a nice Nikon. I got some great shots when out the field over the years, both then and while working with ExxonMobil. Here is one in Oman of a basket weaver in Nizwa (yes, I asked his permission in case he was afraid the camera would steal his soul):

Drawback to both these cameras: flash is a massive external monster. The Nikon was stolen from my boyfriend-at-the-time's truck. Oh well.

I am on my second digital camera. My first one I won at work when I worked at ExxonMobil as a Safety Award, whee! It was cheap-assed thing and took ok pictures for the time (2001) and functioned as a webcam, etc. Then one of the dogs ate it. Or most of it. Oh well.

So I bought a Canon PowerShot S500 Digital ELPH. A very well-rated camera at the time, probably around 2003.


It is SLOW to focus. It is slow to save. The flash is too powerful and overwhelms the image, washing it out. It was not a cheap camera. But there are contemporaries that that work better. Here is an example of why I hate it:

I came home today and found that one of my dogs had grabbed a clean toy off the dryer and had been eating a flower from a vase the cats had knocked over, evidenced by pollen on his face. Time for a picture and a blog post of "Daddy I did not do anything! I love you!"

Not so. Here are all the pictures I had to try to take with the Canon before I just gave the fuck up:

It is pretty good for keeping in your pocket for pix at Mardi Gras like this:

Anyway, I want a new camera. Or maybe I will go back to the SLR. But first I need an iPod. Yep, you guessed: Dog ate mine.