25 November 2007

getting it from both fronts

Well, here I am in NJ. My folks are not doing well. Mom is in the hospital with MRSA, and well, ICK. Here's a look:

Trust me, you don't want the bird's eye view (relatively speaking, of course). It is icky and squishy, and well, a little stinky.

My dad had a mini-stroke last week, so I had been planning to come up for this coming week for helping him with follow-up testing. But, then when I called my folks on Thanksgiving and found out that Mom had landed in the hospital that day, well, up I came.
So, here I am in NJ for a week. Blogging will be erratic in posting and content, I think. C said in an email to me - seems the 'rents are giving to you from both ends. Well, yeah. Though in a way I think of it as bacterial and brain gremlins making my life difficult. They just are not mine.