22 November 2007

It's cold here!

The official Texas Yankee backyard thermometer (imported from New York) indicates that at this very momentthe temperature is in the 30's!!

We had a massive front come through last night and bring along lots of dramatic weather. It always amazes me how much more severe the thunderstorms are here in TX than back home in the NE. Bucky gets upset about thunderstorms now, something he did not used to do. Fortunately nobody lost an eye, but we did have to pause I, Claudius.

Today the temps are not supposed to exceed perhaps 55. What that means that the weather will actually feel like Thanksgiving!! I have been up since 4:30 putzing and baking, and figuring out how we are going to cook our poultry. Should I rub it with sage, or the bacon-grease/onion/breadcrumb concoction? More on our Thanksgiving, but it will be me, SHG, and the zoo. He is still asleep, so I will make him do the dishes. :P