21 November 2007

Monday fun

I took SHG to the eye doctor Monday. I feel so bad about his eye. Well, it's not like I did it.

Anyway, yuckiness of the reason for the trip to the doctor aside, I had a great time - see the other two blogs for some fun pics.

But the very best was this dude in the waiting room:

He was there with his wife and their caregiver. Caregiver for the wife, mind you. This guy is 94, drives, has a garden they eat from (collards, turnips, and stuff!), brought snacks because he was hungry (my stomach touchin' my back!), is quick witted and funny as Hell (that doctor here, she black!), chatting with everybody, even Dr. Honky yours truly.

But the best part - GUY CAN SING. When he first got there, he was quiet, and then hummed a bit. I thought "crazy little guy", thinking of my Dad who probably has Alzheimer's. Well then he started singing, and I got irritated - Dr. Honky of course had his work laptop and was banging out some stuff for work. You know, plowing through those 120 emails that must be dealt with or all of big-red-multinational-energy-sector-company will collapse.

Then I suddenly was transported somewhere else, into the Deep South. I felt like I was listening to one of my Oxford American Southern Music CDs (which I collect, and Yes I have ALL of them). It was amazing. Just, well, indescribable. One of those moments that will be burned into my mind. He was singing some hymn or another, I dunno, it does not matter. It was just wonderful.