25 December 2007

home for the holidays

I decided to stay in Houston for the holidays. I just do not have it in me to travel up North. I need some down time to rest after the surgery, and to recharge after a year-end push at work that I just had to make after falling behind a bit at work.

It's really nice being here, spending time with the puppies and kitties. Alas, the pups will be moving to Austin soon to be with my ex, it is his turn to have them for a while (3 mos? 6 mos?) now that he has bought a house). I will really miss them. So, I wanted to spend some time with them before they go in early January. I mean , it is not like I will never see them again, but I will miss them.

I was telling SHG that it has been amazingly dead here in the Heights. Seems like everybody has hone somewhere else (like he has, or I normally do). So it is a bit lonely too (well, obviously with him gone). But I did get to see me buddy R and have some drinks with him last night, that was night. Hogbody is around, and so is I, whose house I am supposed to go to for "Christmas Meal". I have no idea what time. A Mexican affair that I am not sure quite what I am in for, but it will taste good and be cheerful, so I am looking forward to it. I figured out that I have been very much "housebound", for me, since around the 21st of November when i went to my parents' to help out up there. After that can surgery and recovery. I have only been slowly recovering to the point of feeling well enough to be out and about. I am surprised how long it has been taking to recover, and I had laproscopy! Imagine a c-section! Eeeeek!!

I am going to take the pups to beach here in a bit, down in Galveston, hopefully before whenever "Christmas Meal" is. :)