02 March 2008

Been away. Obviously.

Hey kids. Been out of town coping with life. Parents specifically. Actually not the whole time of radio silence has been due to that but, well, it all evens out in the end.

On the plane home now but of coure bthis will post when I land. Get this though - I actually bsaw my bag on the conveyer going into the plane! This was a double weirdo treat for me since I usually carry my stuff on. I am so beat from this trip I could not cope with it any more and just handed it over. Good thing too, there's like all no space on this flight and I got to the gate 'late' since they actually started boarding early. So it was good that I checked my bag that is really just barely too big to be a carry on...

I managed to sleep maybe 1/3 of the way back east - late night flight, but I think I slept about 3/4 of the way back home - early AM flight. I also noticed that my sneakers smell. Time for them to go yard and dog-walking duty.

Dogs! Yay! I cannot wait to see my puppies! And the kitties! SHG has been a life saver on this and other trips, visiting in the middle of the day and spending extra time with them, that the sitter may not be able to do. The sitter, big dog and miss kitty, is great and comes in the and morning and evening and spends about 30 mins checking in on food water, cuddles, etc. But it is nice to have that extra long visit I think, and from somebody they know and love of course!