18 October 2008

Catching up

Hi everyone! Well it has been ages since I last posted here. Lots going on: Post Ike I was offline forever due to having no power for two weeks and no Internet for three. Then I was up North at my parents since my Mom was in the hospital. Satchel came back for a few weeks but now he is back in Austin :( . Busy with work and catching up on work and sleep after being away so long. I actually had to miss a business trip to go to my parents.

Let me see, what else is new. The builder next door replaced the fence than blew down in Hurricane Ike. The city finally took the mountain of fence and tree debris away from in front of my house, so all I had left to do was sweep up some leaves from the street.

Otherwise, all is fine, puppies are good, kitties are good, I am good. I am going to try to post more often on here, I promise.

BTW, the presidential race: I am over it. I am so tired of it, I cannot wait the two and half weeks until it is over. Palin makes me want to puke: She is not stupid, but she sure comes off that way. What kills me is that nobody talks about how she and her husband run around with a bunch of Alaskan secessionist brigands. If Obama did that we would never hear the end of it.