19 October 2008

Since when...

Since when is an English Pub Romper Room? It seems so at The Black Labrador.

SHG and I went there last night to have a pint of beer and some English food last night. Well, there were at least 20 children there. Loud, misbehaving children. I have no problem with people taking their well-behaved children anywhere. But when you are sitting outside and there is a passel of brats throwing the oversized pieces from the outdoor chessboard around, it does not make for a nice dining experience. It reflects really poorly on the parents, actually. And the management of the establishment, too, who don't have the balls to get parents to reign-in their shrieking whelplings.

It really was a goat rodeo. Especially when the families all got ready to leave, clearly lost in Montrose. People, Katy is that way. Watching them try to round up their hyper children (some of whom where taking hits off of sugar-packets) and not having them hit in the small, busy parking lot was moderately entertaining, I must say. What ever happened to well-behaved children. If I had acted like these kids at that age (like 7-10) I would have received the beating of a lifetime.

So, The Black Labrador won't be getting my vote for dinner and a pint again anytime soon.