28 April 2009


So yesterday was my birthday. I turned 39. One more year to the dreaded 4-0.

It was a quiet day. We went to go get passport pictures taken for my Mom and me. My Dad has this crazy idea that they are going to Germany, and we cannot find my mother's passport, so she needs a new one. Mine just expired, so I need to get a new one too. My mom was not into getting her picture taken, "I look awful!"

On the way back, my parents wanted to take me out to lunch. First we went to Onion Creek, since my Dad had liked it, but the power was out. So we waited a while but got impatient and we went to Dry Creek instead, just up the street. They had power. The meal was a disaster. My Mom would not eat her tuna salad sandwich because it was on a round roll, not "normal" bread. *sigh*

My Dad did not like his tuna salad sandwich either, probably because he put ketchup all over it. His eating habits are getting stranger as the Alzheimer's progresses, like maple syrup on eggs.

We stopped at Kroger on the way home to get makings for a cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting like my Mom used to make for me. She helped me make the cake. It's kind of depressing to make your own birthday cake. SHG came over for cake around 6, which was nice. I got a nice new ball cap from him for my birthday, my old one did not survive the washer.

Something possessed me to put "It's my Birthday!" as my status on Facebook. I got 26 Birthday messages out of that! I am amazed at how many people log on and use Facebook regularly.

The gang is taking me out to Feast on Friday, which will be really nice.