28 April 2009

Status update

Well, things here are going OK. After the trip to Galveston, the cabin fever abated for a short time. The other day I took my Dad to Onion Creek for lunch. We sat outside and he really liked it. We both had their specialty pizzas, which my Dad found a little hard to eat because of his false teeth, but he made it through half of it. We brought the other half home for my Mom, who did not want it because it was not shaped like a "normal" pizza. *sigh*

The thunder and rain storms we have here just amaze my parents. Last night we had a big one that lasted all night, with a lot of thunder and lightning. One big BOOM sounded like a cannon going off outside the front door.

Our excitement over the last few days has been the repairmen coming to the house to service the sprinkler system and the hot tub. They are both fixed, yay! Although the sprinkler system is not at 100% due to water pressure. So I called the city about that and they sent somebody right out. He pronounced that it was not the city's fault and must be something in the lines to the house from the meter. Classic "not our problem." Grrr.

The tech had been out and serviced the hot tub and warned me that it could be the heating element, but we would try a quick rewire first. Well, it kept tripping the breaker. It turns out it needed a new heater, the old one was rusted and shorting the whole system out, causing the main breaker to trip. That set me back a chunk of change, but now I have my relaxation machine back.

That's about it from here. Things are pretty quiet, even if they are still driving me nuts. Only a week until they can move into their apartment!