14 April 2009


So part of Alzheimer's is losing your language skills, and that has hit my Dad. He sticks the wrong words into sentences at an alarming rate, or just uses "thing" for nouns. My Mom has not yet learned how to interpret what he is saying into legible English, but I have gotten pretty good at it, I would say that I can figure out what he means about 90% of the time.

An example conversation... We were standing out front of Kroger in the Heights looking at the retirement home at Heights and 20th, a high rise.

Dad: That must be the building where the small people live.

Me: Yes, that is the retirement home.

Dad: Retirement home, what is that?
Me: It is where old people live.

Dad: Oh, they must use a square box to get up there.

Me: Yes, they use an elevator.

That was an easy one!